Feel Like Making Love

A Perfect Fit
Audrey and Joel have been study partners for a year, but when Audrey spies Joel dancing in a local all-male revue, she learns a whole lot about human sexuality never covered in class. Joel knows he's got a reputation as a superstud, but he wants to do more than just study Audrey's curves. Study buddies becoming more than friends? Maybe, if only Audrey can admit that in Joel she's found a perfect fit.
Right to Remain
Mira left Gavin a year ago, but she's never stopped looking back. Now she's driving fast on a dark stretch of road to catch his attention and find out if she can rekindle the flame. Sometimes, the only way to get love back is to commit a crime...
Love Me Two Times
Cadence Murphy's been burned by love. When a gorgeous man ends up by accident in her hotel room, she's ready to spend one night of passion with a stranger...until she realizes the man she's just seen naked is super famous rock star Jude Camron. With his sexy voice and toe-curling lyrics, Jude is just the man Cadence has been waiting for to take her mind off her troubles.
The only problem? One night just won't be enough...



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