Short Fiction



Nothing Like the Sun

Don't Deny Me!

Letting Go

Every Part of You

Crossing the Line

After Class & All You Can Eat

Bachelor Number Four

Everything Changes

Friendly Fire

Get There

Reason Enough


The Challenge


Don't Deny Me!

Every Part of You

Every Part of You: Tempts Me (#1)

Every Part of You: Resists Me (#2)

Every Part of You: Taunts Me (#3)

Every Part of You: Denies Me (#4)

Every Part of You: Takes Me (#5)

Blue Silver

Nothing Like the Sun


Ride With the Devil

Fantasy, Science Fiction, Paranormal

Pot of Gold and Emerald Isle: Two Tales of Sexy Pirate Love

Ride With the Devil

Castle in the Sand

Each Step Like Knives

Dream A Little Dream

Amidst A Crowd of Stars

A Dream Upon Waking

Gilt And Midnight

Monster In The Closet

Moonlight Madness

Newly Fallen

Out Of The Dark

Reawakened Passions

Seeing Stars

Skewed Universe II

Skewed Universe


Trial By Fire


Sweet Seduction Boxed Set


Tangled Up

Erotic Collection Volume 1

Erotic Collection Vol 2

Always You

A Red Hot Valentine's Day

Feel Like Making Love

Naughty Bits

Naughty Bits 2

Naughty Bits 3

There All Along

Three To Tango

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