Little Secrets

"Hart (Beneath the Veil) entices the reader to explore every shadowy nook and cranny of this traditional, chill-filled haunted house story. Ginny and Sean promise that a new house and a new baby on the way will repair their shaky marriage. With an emotionally painful miscarriage behind her, Ginny vows to rest and bring this baby safely to term. Yet a string of mishaps tests her sanity. Ginny tells her sister that either the house is haunted, or her overbearing man-child of a husband is gaslighting her. The strange events may have something to do with the house's previous owner, whose family left him 15 years before over a disgraceful secret. Successive mysteries propel patient readers to accompany the unrelenting Ginny as she pieces the story together. While clueless and one-dimensional Sean grates, capable Ginny wins hearts. Agent: Laura Bradford, Bradford Literary. (Feb.)" -- Publisher's Weekly

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In this superb, eerie tale, Hart draws on several conventions of the horror genre — a possibly haunted house, an unsolved kidnapping, a protagonist who’s fraying at the edges. But rather than soaking her story in dramatic displays of gore, Hart takes these elements and develops a restrained, quietly macabre atmosphere that is chilling and effective. Bringing her signature unflinching honesty about relationships to these time-worn tropes, she delves into the animus that can simmer under the surface, in the form of little secrets, between husbands and wives, parents and children. -" RT Book Reviews Magazine


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